Team South Korea


Team South Korea from Gungwon Province

 Coach Yang Se Young, Head Coach Lee Doo Sung, 3rd-Park Jong Duk, Lead-Yam Yoon Ho

Fifth-Lee Ye Jun,2nd-Kim Tae Hwan, Skip-Kim Soo Hyuk


A South Korean mens team from Gungown Province curled at the 2013 Mundare Men's Bonspeil on March 14-17.They soon became a crowd favorite and at the banquet, they were the recepients of numerous gifts.  The Curling Club would like to thank the Team for entering our bonspeil and hope to see them in the Worlds in the next couple of years.



       Robb Zeleny presented presented on behalf of Stawnichy's Meat Processing-Jean Shirts, pins and a couple of rings of sausage


       Lois Zyal presented on behalf of

Basilian Father-Ukrainian plates

       Basilian Fathers Museum-coffee mugs

       Ukrainian Catholic Parish-coffee cups


       Clint Moroziuk presented on behalf of the Moroziuk family Ukrainian Easter Eggs



       Rick Dobush presented Town of Vegreville Pins







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